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Leabhar Mhic Cárthaigh Riabhaigh

I'm a slow motion accident

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duct tape

I'm a slow motion accident

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duct tape

My head is spinning a thousand circles of death right now and I'm not entirely sure that I hate it. Normally I would simply abhor not being in control of my body, but frankly the vertigo is too far past the horizon to care.

That being said, anemia is a cruel heartless bitch. The fog and hallucinations are driving me more insane.  I suppose I deserve the fate that has been dwelt upon through my past actions. Surviving on a diet of junk food and the occassional bouts of spanish fried rice and what have you have led me down to this path. Seeing as I'm a lacto-vegetarian I really shouldn't be eating like this, but lack of proper emloyment has caused me do to so. Junk food is cheap, and the veggies and fruits I crave are on a price shelf that I can't reach at this time...

On other notes, my hives are back... AGAIN!! I went to do the doctor and he gave me a prescription for methylprednisolone. I learned about halfway through the treatment that one of the side-effects is aggitation, which answered a lot of questions. I'd been angry for days, even though I was no longer covered in flaming red spots. But now that I've ended the treatment, the hives are back and they still burn. Let's hope that they stop at forming plaques, because I don't want my face to swell up again!

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