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Leabhar Mhic Cárthaigh Riabhaigh

An odd organic progression of the human existence....

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duct tape



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March 16th, 2010

Lots of uneccessary soup

duct tape

Okay, from now on, referring to strange people by code name only. I used to do this all the time so its awesome now too.  It refers to a part of their personality, or body type. Usually the latter, which is why the so cool names. I will also always list locations, the players and the game.
Age will only be announced once, until they have a birthday.

Lincoln, Ne
Momma's house

The  players:

The Game:

               Okay, so my momma wants a computer for the house, preferably a laptop. She was talking about the day she was going to buy it and my sister (who was NOT in the conversation) blurted out "I don't think you should get a laptop honestly, I think you should get a desktop" Then my mother went into the kitchen to get some soup for Hot Sauce and she muttered under her breath " I wish you would shut the fuck up" It was funny. 

              On the topic of dinner, my mother made a whopping 5 gallons of chicken noodle soup for four people! Two nine-year olds, herself and my (anorexic) sister. 5 freaking gallons! This is going to make the refridgerator smell so bad! (well, worse actually) I remember how she always put too much salt, black pepper, and bouillon in it. Thank goodness I'm a vegetarian. (part of the reason I went veggie was too avoid her nasty-assed food) I'm now going to have to chuck the food away a little bit at a time. (I don't want her to end up on TLC's hoarders, or of the kin.) This is a reccurring theme throughout my life, as my mother hardly ever throws useless things away--> she tosses the ones with value- go figure!


March 15th, 2010


duct tape
I've been meaning to placate an entry for the longest time. But I forgot my password, and pretty much everything else that went along with it. This journal is most likely bound to be the crazy-a$$ed ramblings that reach me throughout my day. I have all these random thoughts and things that I want to say, but don't, so they will go in here. This isn't going to look as swell as alot of other journals, but it's still frickin' sweet to me. Let the new wrinkles commence....
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