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Leabhar Mhic Cárthaigh Riabhaigh

Writer's Block: My Mythical Creature

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duct tape

Writer's Block: My Mythical Creature

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duct tape
If you could have any mythical creature as a pet, what sort of creature would you choose and what special powers would it have?

That's easy! A chickenfrogpenguin! Because:

A. Chickens are awesome!
B. Frogs are even more awesome!!
C. Penguins are the most awesome!!!

Okay, it would have these powers:

A. It has bezerker rages in which it decimates all competition
                 -->Also decimates it's energy (which doesn't really matter cuz' opponent will go all XX in the eyes and such)
B.  It can leap/jump four times its height
                -> its freaking awesome!!!
C.  It's shrill cry has been known to reach a smashing 132 Decibels
               --> It has a tendency to cause me to reduce to basic chemicals, which sucks major a$$
D. It's so cute it can manipulate you into giving all your money to Eric Cartman
              --> I want that money!
E. Whenever it hears "macarena" it creates a hypnotic dance that all others must perform it under penalty of perpetual beanie cap
--> that song is hypnotic on its own

Here's what it looks like: (rumored anyhow)



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