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Leabhar Mhic Cárthaigh Riabhaigh

Writer's Block: Exit strategy

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duct tape

Writer's Block: Exit strategy

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duct tape
Have you ever told a member of your family that you wanted them out of your life? If so, why?

Yes, of course.
I have said it to my sister and to my biological father.

I said it to my sister because she has tried to kill herself on:

A. My Primary to Secondary graduation.
B. My 15th birthday
C. My 16th Birthday
D. My Secondary graduation
E. My 18th birthday

The doctors and family members call it "coincidence" I call it BITCH!!!!!

There are also several other factors as to why I not only want, but need her out of my life. Much to come in forthcoming journal entries. Beware the hypocrisy that is Hali!

I said it to Allen (my biological father) for: (just a few ones that stand out)

A. He's a wifebeater
B. He's a childbeater
C. He got away with it
When I was seven he deliberately speed off while I was still getting in the car (apparently it was funny to him) Not only do I still remember the exact intersection where it occured, but I continue to bare the scars to this day.
He burned my sister's eye on the toaster and told my mother it was a bruise. (she found out 15 years later what really happened (wtf?) )
F. When I was 17 he strangled me until I passed out because I would not show him my yearbook, which he said made me a "spoiled brat." Because of him, I saw the infamous white flash which then faded to gray and made time slow to an agonizing pace. He ended up giving me  twisted spinal column, and a bruised heart from which I will never fully recover. 
G. He's an a$$hole
H. He got away with it
I. Fugue State (look it up)

(I had just come back home from a week-long camp in which I got second degree burns on my scalp, then had my hair ripped out on said burns, and I also had to take care of 14
six & seven year-olds by myself (all with asthma no doubt) because of a defunct counselour and when I got back to the house I found out that my close friend had shot himself and I missed his funeral because my mother didn't think that I would care, because "I didn't talk about him", but I did cuz' he went by his middle name) uggghhhh. He got six months. Bastard!!!!!

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